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Thread: how to find out Active or Unactive friends in Friends bar?

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    how to find out Active or Unactive friends in Friends bar?

    Short of removing all of the in game friends that I have on my friends bar. How do I tell who is active and who is not? is there a setting I can see when I select them on the friends bar?
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    Only by checking for any activities on their farms like running smelters, animals etc. The game server knows who is active and who isn't but not we, the players.

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    There might be a few signs but not on the friends bar.

    How do you define your inactive criteria. Hours? Days? Weeks? Limited game play? Town? Boat? Something else?

    With the current design of boat leaderboard, I could use it to watch who has earned boat points since last maintenance break. The other are either inactive or not caring about filling boat crate or have some issues with boat leaderboard.
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