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Thread: Is Legends / TH13 vs TH13 getting easier?

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    Making Cannon suffer
    Remember that while defenses are working, you get better and better at attacking. So it makes a lot of sense that the bases get easier to beat.
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    Seems to be easy for Stephanie!

    Have friends that just recently joined legend and are enjoying it. They hadn't been there in years. My life schedule just doesn't fit well for Legend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eitiel View Post
    There's an interesting post on reddit, about the hitpoint increase of collectors and mines, have a read at that if you think the current 3* rate is too high (every one has max heroes and lab, while many of not most people is midway through upgrading defenses)
    I love this level of detail into the mechanics/ possibilities, & makes sense - thx eitiel & all others whove responded. my conclusion - luck for both parties & (may) change in update. clash on & keep safe

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