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Thread: Is Legends / TH13 vs TH13 getting easier?

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    Is Legends / TH13 vs TH13 getting easier?

    Just commenting on something Ive experienced over the last few weeks, and not looking for it to change, as its fun, but.... is it getting easier to 3 star a TH13?

    Been in legends for a while now, normally end up around 5400 at season end, so middle of the road. Normally my 3 star rate is... mediocre, perhaps 1 every few days. More recently Ive been getting 2 a day at least, sometimes more.

    Flip side, the 3 star rate against me has gone up to match. Ive changed bases, all fairly solid but generic LL bases, but theyve been so for months & months, & defended well enough against triples before (probs 1 every couple of days), but now its 2-3 times a day.

    A bit counterintuative as offence has probs been maxed for a while for most, with defence now catching up (i.e. all upgrades complete), so would have expected hits to be tougher, not easier.

    Anyone else seeing this themselves? As I said, not looking for balance to change (& new levels due imminently anyhow), just curiosity.

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    I wish it was (getting easier), but that’s not my experience lately. I’m too lazy, relying on spam armies, so technically I don’t think I deserve a three star.
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    Not my experience either. But then I am sitting around 5100 most of the time....

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    Not here either, Im sitting around 5300 trophies, my high 2 star and occasional 3 stars have dried up, but also the attacks against me have dropped in success rate also.

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    Well i got gw and rc down on one of 13s just spaming edg for that 50% mark and sending blp for th had to say im doimg fine 60-70% 2 star mostly with spam army at 5.2k.
    About another 13 i got rc down just doing hybrid with 3 max heros same getting % and stars but sometime when i see those couple of arch tower and canon and few other buildings left i definitely miss my RC .
    Me personally think offense have slight advantage over def but again the new lvl on def will perfectly balance it atleast for me.
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    With new defense, they will get tough. Right now, they are little easier with max heroes.

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    I think legends is all about recognizing and remembering bases. Given that you have a flexible enough army composition, you should be able to figure out how to 3-star all of the common legends base after you have hit them enough times. You can then use that information as intuition to hit every base you come across. Maybe you are at the point where the common bases have gotten stale and everyone knows how to 3 them.

    I'm personally at the point where my 3 star rate has gone down because I am starting to see more unique bases. I no longer see ring bases, which I really wish I did because they have become pretty easy to 3. Instead, I get all the annoying teaser bases and the bases meant to stall up your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RH69 View Post
    just spaming edg for that 50% mark and sending blp for th had to say im doimg fine 60-70% 2 star mostly with spam army at 5.2k
    Don't suppose you can share your comp. for this spam?

    I'm all about minimising brain cell usage when playing this game

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    Same for me as for op, getting frequent 3 starts now, and also against me. Same bases as before. My guess is that we actually have learnt something ha ha
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    I'm hovering around 5300 now myself and I might get 1 or 2 triples every couple of days and same goes for defense attacks. No matter how strong of a layout I use, there will always be that 1 or 2 every few days that will 3 star me..

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