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Thread: Bug con el wifi

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    Bug con el wifi

    hello the problem I have is that with wifi the game opens it loads a little and closes itself without throwing me any kind of error, but when I open the game with mobile data, if the game opens, will anyone know why I have this problem? (in the wifi network if I have internet in case they ask me)

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    How good is your wifi?

    Take a look at this quote.

    Quote Originally Posted by rowman View Post
    Just to add some details to the wise words from Wotanwaton .....
    The equipment supplied by many ISPs have built in firewalls, and often the default settings assume that all services are malignant unless proven safe. Hence some tend to over-block services. At one time (do not know if this is still true), the Supercell games used port TCP 9339 as the destination.

    If it works on mobile networks and works on public wifi networks, then one must suspect that it is likely related to your ISP, and the firewall is a prime suspect.

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    Clearing the app cache ought to fix the issue.
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