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Thread: TH10 looking for clan

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    TH10 looking for clan


    After a break of approximately 2.5 years I decided, in a fit of Coronavirus madness boredom, to re-download Clash. My account is, with the exception of walls and one or two lab items, fully upgraded to Townhall 10. I used to love the game and participated in CWs to a fairly competitive level. Essentially, I'd be very keen to find a friendly, adult, experienced clan where I can re-learn the ropes.

    If if you want to search my profile, it's #LUQLYRO

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    We might be a good fit. Fair warning though. Regular wars are no problem. Not sure about clan war leagues though. We just got promoted to masters 3 and I'm not sure how many, if any, th10s we'll be able to run. Our first time that high so we may wel get kicked back to crystal where we do run some 10s.

    #8UCRP8CL. MN ICE. Mostly US based but we do have players in Europe. Adult clan. We war twice a week (optional), always max clan games, and are in masters 3 for war leagues. Everyone is put on the league roster to get medals but only volunteers actually war. No drama. No silly rules. Just adults having fun. The one rule we do have, do your war attacks. If you don't have time, opt out. No worries. Opt in, attack. Put piper sent you in the invite if you drop by.
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    Check out Toilet Warriors [ #LUQ908YG ]. we can take you.

    TW is the lower clan of ManBeerPig (#P90QYVRC).
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    Clan name : TADHANA
    Tag: #9UC8Q00Y
    Location : International

    Hey I have recently gained control of a new lvl 7 clan that I am rebuilding. We are recruiting th5 + and we would love your help. We are a war clan and are quite competitive.

    Fairly standard rules
    Attack in war
    Earn promotions
    Donate when possible though no donation ratio required
    Must speak English

    War log



    Consider joining and I hope to see you soon 🤙

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    B2B War Clan Looking For Serious and Active Members��All THs Are Welcome��CG and CWL Are Encouraged��Farmers��Pushers��War Junkies Wanted��
    Clan Tag:#2PCGJP28G

    Hope To See You Soon


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