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Thread: Fence pieces

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    Fence pieces

    This is just a minor annoyance and wonít affect game play, but I thought Iíd put it out there. When you win a fence decoration on the wheel for example, all you get is the end post. With fences you can buy, it is easy to just buy another and you have a visible fence piece. But I have one trellis fence and one wheel fence piece and all they show is the post. From the tiny picture on the wheel, they look nice, but there is no way I can buy the second piece necessary to see the whole thing on my farm.

    So Iíd like to suggest that when a fence is an item to win, that it be one whole fence piece. Yes it is essentially two pieces, but since there is no way to get another one without the luck of the draw, the "prize" is useless. Since I didnít place the pieces I got until later, I didnít even realize they were just posts. (The first was a trellis fence so I thought it was like other trellises.) I couldnít even pay diamonds to spin the wheel again in hopes of getting another because that wheel had already moved on.

    Just a thought.


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    Thanks to Red (again) for the picture !!

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    Good to see you, it’s been farrrr too long! I miss the early days!

    Hope you & yours are all keeping well x

    i agree if you win fencing you need to win 2 posts!


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    I would also be happy if fence post connected to a gate, any gate.
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