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Thread: Th11 in need of a clan

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    Th11 in need of a clan

    Hey Fellow Clashers,
    This is Dev from India,i am an occasional clasher and just started playing again very yesterday (was busy prior).I am a Th11 and you can check me out at #9QYY8C9VP
    I am currently farming and working my base out,So,for now, I won't take part in war.
    If u liked my profile n village feel free to invite in game or dm me at forums.
    Hope to see you!😊

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    Hey man, my clan is War Brawlers l - #J8PGUV92 (level 12) Master 3 CWL. We are a chill group of mature clashers that are very active. Around 10 solid th13s in the clan to provide sieges and help with attacks. We constantly churn out max donations, max clan games and dominate in war (UNDEFEATED since our rebuild). Must be able to take a joke haha, very talkative clan. Drama is not tolerated but banter is encouraged Fun atmosphere and laid back generally but fairly serious when it comes to war. Looking for strong 3-star attackers to help keep our war log green. If you are not the best attacker but are willing to learn, you are welcome here as well! Always got people willing to teach and provide friendly challenges. Be sure to check us out, we would love to have ya.
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    “Extra Toxic” Sean Darkblade is the leader
    We will put you in clan war league and upcoming clan wars

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    Clan name : TADHANA
    Tag: #9UC8Q00Y
    Location : International

    Hey I have recently gained control of a new lvl 7 clan that I am rebuilding. We are recruiting th6 + and we would love your help. We are a war clan and are quite competitive.

    Fairly standard rules
    Attack in war
    Earn promotions
    Donate when possible though no donation ratio required
    Must speak English

    War log



    Consider joining and I hope to see you soon 🤙

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    Clan: HIonClannabis - #9J82PRU9 ----------- WAR INFO: Record: 600-120 Win Percent: 83% Best Win Streak: 55 ------- APPLY HERE:

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