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Thread: I need clan for cwl

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    I need clan for cwl

    Hi i am th11 semi maxed player.i need atleast crystal league 1 clan to participate in clan war league

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    B2B War Clan Looking For Serious and Active Members��All THs Are Welcome��CG and CWL Are Encouraged��Farmers��Pushers��War Junkies Wanted��
    Clan Tag:#2PCGJP28G

    Hope To See You Soon


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    #C20UJ98Q check us out . Mention the thread for automatic elder

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    “Extra Toxic” Sean Darkblade is the leader
    We will put you in clan war league and upcoming clan wars

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    Hi, if you’re still looking for a CWL come check out ZoeyDiapers #9UYVGGUC. We’re a lvl19 adults only clan, mostly US based. We run 30v30 CWL in master 3. All active members get to participate as long as you can commit to making your attack and opt in. Mention forums in your request to join to be accepted. Hope to see you!

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