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Ok so the derby started, what, like... maybe 9 hours ago... someone already completed EVERY 320 task. How is this even possible? I'm pretty much done with this game. I hate pay to play games like this, where rich kids get to spend money on diamonds to win a silly derby in a phone game to pass time and everyone else who cannot afford diamonds doesn't get to enjoy the game to the fullest. The people spending money on diamonds are at a totally unfair advantage and if I am to continue playing this game, that it something that needs to be fixed. You can spend diamonds on EVERYTHING to make the process speed up. It is totally unfair. God forbid someone wants to win a game without spending money on it. .-.
Actually Alan it's really quite easy to finish fast if you've premade items for production tasks and have a fully served town of the most common town tasks. No cheating needed no diamonds used except for extra task.