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Thread: Clan castle donation log.

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    Clan castle donation log.

    Hey hard working developers! Just curious if I could pull your ear here, running and managing a clan is alot of work and to be able to correct situations that repeat themselves a list of donations like who donated what to who would save alot of headache! Curious to know what you think thanks.


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    Supercell has already ruled this out. In the coming update you will be able to request for specific troops and only those troops can be donated to avoid people donating the wrong troops, so your idea isn't even necessary anymore
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    That is ruled out.
    With the next update a feature will be implemented that people gives the ability to decide if they want the donation work like it is currently or they can chose which troop they want and only those troops can be donated.

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    Hold on to your hats boys and girls; we’ve got a ton of incoming game changes, tweaks, and improvements landing with this update. Rather than wax poetically for a long time, let’s dive right in!

    • Tired of receiving the wrong reinforcements? A new option in the troop request menu will allow you to request only the specific Troops you would like in your Clan Castle!

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