A few things in this past valley season were a bit off.

First of all that maintenance break near the final hour of valley cause quite a bit of interruption for me trying to burn off my fuel and tweak the tokens for my farms. Being late at night I had nothing else to do but sit here and wait for it all to come back online. I do not see where it would hurt to wait another hour till valley season ended before shutting the game down. So rude.

Another thing is truck break downs. I had more than my fair share of them this past season. I do not know which is more irritating, a truck break down or that bomb routine. Anyway, eliminating the truck breakdown the last day would give players a better impression about valley before it ends.
One of my trucks got a brake down just one dot from a sanctuary with only 30 minutes left in the season. That is ridiculous and unnecessary. Fortunately I was able to repair it with another truck so it can complete its journey.

Way too many players in my valley. The collected count was way above the needed goal before half the season was over. So there was no challenge there. The quests for a group request was a joke. Never seen a group order appear until the final week when one did in the center isle. It was not labeled with an animal. Last day of season I finally saw a building with an animal label assumed it was a group request but I had not quest for it.
Valley was overwhelmed with delivery requests which most usually want to deliver in the wrong direction of intended travel. A couple of times I found myself in a an area that was surrounded with delivery requests. I had no choice but burn off extra fuel just to get out of there without gaining any tokens.