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Thread: Valley needs improvement

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    Valley needs improvement

    We have played several valleys now and I have to say its the most limited part of HD. And I don't think that is only because I play a three figure farm level. Everybody in my NH feels the same, nobody I know in the game bothers with the valley beyond the two or three scrolls that are usually available. They just don't bother writing about it. So I'm hoping the powers that be might have a look and think about some changes. If some of those limitations were lifted it might be worth play again but until then I won't bother anymore. Here is why:

    1. Fuel spins are far too limited. Even with trying to achieve maximum extra spins reaching sufficient fuel is impossible. Particularly when the most achievable one is advertised for the day AFTER the game finishes.
    Solution: If you want us to play, make fuel more readily available without paying for it. Allow better ratio between farm tasks and fuel spins.

    2. When moving around a small part of the valley I cannot even see what buildings require as far as my fuel would go thus I drive around blindly with very little ability to plan for an even distribution of tokens. Plus the cloud covers most of the valley at all times with no benefit to the player.
    Solution: Make the valley visible at all times, all corners to make it possible to plan a route to an area I want to visit and I can see where I can find the tokens I need.

    3. Collecting animals. Its a nice feature because theoretically I could just play a lot of valley and keep collecting animals for the sanctuary. Thus making it the one valley season where the end rewards are actually attainable.
    But again, limited fuel makes that impossible. And even worse, limited storage space for tokens makes that impossible. The latter is completely arbitrary and is quite possibly the most frustrating part of the sanctuary rounds. Other than annoying players, there is no logical reason to have a limited for tokens.
    Solution: Take out the limits for tokens.

    4. The piggy bank. No it does not do what it says on the tin because again it doesn't take my left over tokens but limits what can go into the next game thus wasting a lot of my time and effort in the valley season. It limits my tokens and only makes them available if I pay an unrealistic amount of diamonds to release them.
    Solution: Take out the limits and make the piggy bank something that might be worth spending huge amounts of diamonds on.

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    1. I always have fuel at the end of the valley i do not need, so sufficient fuel is in impossible.
    2. Not an issue for me.
    3. Rather than remove limit for tokens, I would like to see them doubled. But to do that they would have to add more items to purchase with tokens, as there are not enough items to purchase if we had more tokens. And it is impossible to exit valley if you do not spend the tokens. So, simply removing them would cause all kinds of problems
    4. I simply ignore piggy bank. It makes no difference in gameplay once the thing is full.

    I do play for the scrolls. It also gives me something to do each day. Once the derby if over for me - usually by Wednesday, and I restock, I would have no reason to play if not for the valley.

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    I play the valley mostly for the scrolls since it seems to be the only way I can get them. And I agree the piggy bank required too many diamonds to use. I would appeircate if that aspect was adjusted.

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