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Thread: Use diamonds instead of coins for neighbored purchase

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    Use diamonds instead of coins for neighbored purchase

    Often we have more coins than diamonds. It would be helpful to our neighbors if we could trade in diamonds. With the pandemic some people are having difficulty with buying diamonds. It would be a way we could help each other.

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    You got it totally reversed. With the pandemic people risk being downsized, companies struggle to survive. You should be buying more diamonds to keep the game alive and stimulate the economy.
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    Some companies are struggling to survive, and some are making out like bandits.

    Any type of online entertainment, is probably seeing alot of new users right now. Which could be good (new potential customers) and bad (gaming infrastructure strained with so many players)

    That said, if people are staying at home, they probably have more time to play the game and get the diamonds for free.

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