By passing a limit in some API requests, we can control the number of results sent by the Clash of Clans API server. However, there is a hard limit of 832 results in all cases:
  • When not specifying limit, a maximum of 832 results are sent.
  • When specifying a limit of e.g. 500, a subsequent API invocation using the same search criteria and the value for paging.cursors.after (which was passed in previous response) results in a new set of 332 results. In other words, in this case also 832 results are sent in total.
  • This was tested on the /v1/clans/<params> endpoint.

I don't feel the need to work with the paging mechanism as it's not adding any value for me right now. Therefore I suggest to:
  • Set the current limit of 832 results in one response lower, e.g. to 500
  • Allow to request all results that match a set of criteria using the pagination mechanism
  • Alternatively provide more powerful criteria for much more fine-grained searches. I especially dislike the current behaviour where if you search on a name, the specified string can occur anywhere in the name of the result set.