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Thread: What's the meta now? Farm & War Strategy

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    What's the meta now? Farm & War Strategy

    Hi everyone,
    its been a while since i post here, and yeah, it has been a very long year since i last opened the game so, its kinda hard to adapt to the new things.
    I already saw the new siege barracks, troops, level and other UI improvement, all cool, but there're some things i need to learn in order to catch up, a little faster.
    I saw some videos on YT, about some cool strategy, Freeze Witch, Pekka BoBat, Hogs and Miners, Electrone, Pekka Smash, am i missing something here?
    i think, yeah
    My question is, its all there, the new war strategy, the new meta? do i need everytime a siege machine in order to do these Attacks?

    Last little question, any good farm composition, with hero downs?

    Thanks in advance

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    Siege machine is a game changer for most attacks so the performance would take a marked dip without them. With Queen down, I use DragLoon. Otherwise mass miners or Queen walk miners also work fine for me.

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