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Thread: Need a farming army with heroes down.

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    Need a farming army with heroes down.

    No idea what to use. My queen is maxed out at 70 so she is the only one up but for some reason i thought it would be a great idea to put my RC king and warden down all at the same time. Now, RC and King i could probably live without but not having my warden and his ability is really killing me.

    Any thoughts as to a good army that doesn't require GW King and RC?

    I tried queen charge hybrid, mass miner, queen charge miner, edrags (although i kinda suck with edrags) and queen charge hogs. Sadly i just can't seem to get any of these attacks rolling good.

    Was thinking about trying a queen charge edrags kind of thing but im trying to work out the logistics of how it's gonna work lol

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    Im using in my th13 Account just GiWiz it works very well. 25 giants 38 wizards rest archer

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    miner queenwalk is fun when other heroes are down... be careful of scattershots with no warden tho!
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    If you’re low it probably doesn’t matter much.
    but if you’re higher up and going for 2 stars you can use AQ walk EDrag. Have both a slammer and blimp available. If your army clears path to Th but doesn’t take it out, use blimp to drop payload right on TH and take it out. If your army gets Th use slammer to help it clear more of the base.

    i thin’ the rollout I used was something like 4 healers, 6 egradgs, some loons and minions. Mix of rage/freeze. A poison if you are worried about witches in the cc.

    use walk to cut off one side of base and then span EDrag to support your walk.
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