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    How are you all doing with permits, i am always in champione league in derby, always gain all horseshoes and have been given 1 permits in the last 6 week

    A discrace, i have contacted HD several times and will do again, their response is they are rare items.
    I think they are non existent


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    Welcome in the club!

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    Yes, they are rare and meant to keep you coming back for the long term. If we could pay our way through the game faster there wouldnít be a hook to keep you coming back. Believe me Iím frustrated!! Iím working on getting the blue tractor but need to clear the bathtub first with 18 scrolls! There are only a few ways to get them and those ways have been discussed in other threads. Derby wins columns 4&7 I believe. Spend diamonds to restock. Valley winnings, red treasure boxes, spin the wheel, special boating events, etc. I do feel your pain as it takes an excruciating amount of time. Hang in there.

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    That really is a rough one caratonion. Only thing you can do is pick your favorite items then use diamonds to shuffle your prizes and hope that more permits pop up. Bingo Derby can be helpful since you get 3 more prizes when you complete 3 bingo lines.
    Also obtain permits from Valley.
    I hope your permit quest improves

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    I’ve obtained two permits in the derby awards so I can get another plot, but it’s been such a long time since I got any! I’m wondering now how quickly we’ll get the “blueprints” mentioned in the sneak peeks of the next upgrade.

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