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Thread: How often is bingo derby?

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    How often is bingo derby?

    How many bingo derbies were there in 2018 and how many in 2019?
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    I vaguely remember they comes 4 times per year, once about every 3 months. If I get some spare time, I’ll dig through old Hay Day tweeter post/ forum discussion for you.
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    I remembered this from an old thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by pracanticz View Post
    I am sure we haven't. Here are the last derbies with dates when they ended:
    Derby 20.01.2020
    Mystery derby 13.01.2020
    Power derby 06.01.2020
    Derby 31.12.2019
    Bingo derby 24.12.2019
    Derby 16.12.2019
    Mystery derby 09.12.2019
    Power derby 02.12.2019
    Derby 25.11.2019
    Blossom derby 18.11.2019
    Derby 11.11.2019
    Power derby 04.11.2019
    Derby 28.10.2019
    Derby 21.10.2019
    Derby 14.10.2019
    Blossom derby 07.10.2019
    and here their counts nearly the year before:
    Power derby 11x
    Blossom derby 9x
    Derby 16x
    Mystery derby 6x
    Bingo derby 4x
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    Hi OutOfIdeas , thanks for this even I was collecting similar data regarding this.

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    It would be great if they made them more frequent - so that we can work on the bingo achievement

    Even if they upped it 6x/year

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