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Thread: Saying thank you gets censord, please fix it

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    Saying thank you gets censord, please fix it

    The word "kiitos", which is thank you in Finnish, gets censored in the neighborhood chat. It is causing a lot of confusion. Please fix this if possible. Thank you.

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    i tried different subsets of the word in the hayday chat, "kiito" also gets *****'d. Went urban dictionary just see if it means anything in any other language. Some obscure Japanese reference popped up.

    In fairness you cannot expect the hayday team to be proficient in every language, especially the unofficial phrases and naughty naunces. They'd just match everything to some default database, and a lot of innocent words will get caught in the mixed-language crossfire.
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    It is certainly unreasonable to expect them to be proficient in every language; however, they should be willing to receive requests for allowing these words, and check them out on request and permit them if the rationale is correct and reasonable.

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