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Thread: New event with giants: only for builderbases level 7 and more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesHowlet View Post
    Talk about condescending, don't look in a mirror. It wasn't 10, i completed this event before you even posted this and it was 6 giants.
    Whether you completed it with 6 before OP posted isn't entirely the point. When I started the required number of BG's was definitely 10. Had I not come to the forums, I wouldn't have known about the reduction.

    If OP had read 10, as I did, it's perfectly reasonable for OP to use that figure.

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    Guys - it was 10 when the event started, then SC reduced it to 6 so more players could get in on the fun. There’s nothing to debate, no nastiness needed - just get in there and have some fun!
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