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Thread: Battle Machine hitting over Walls.

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    Battle Machine hitting over Walls.

    When I fought in a battle, the Battle Machine found a Sneaky Archer of the Guard Post behind a Wall. I would expect that the Battle Machine would be stuck on the Wall to destroy it and then go to the Sneaky Archer. But no, it hit the Sneaky Archer directly and killed her without targeting a Wall at all. I do not know why that was the case as the Sneaky Archer was clearly behind the Wall. Is it because of the edge of her hit box being outside of her Wall, close enough for the Battle Machine to target?

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    Without seeing pic or video difficult to say for sure.

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    I've seen this happen with the troops are practically standing on the wall. If there is any space then he still has to hit the wall.

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    It gappens many time with me, BM knocking out sneaky archer behind the wall. Maybe due to large space of BM.

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    Sometimes it happens to me too, just don't know why

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