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Thread: Looking for helpful hood

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    Looking for helpful hood

    I am looking for a group that is very helpful and understanding. I was in a group that was helpful. But NEVER helped me with my tasks. I helped everyone else and they didn't help me whatsoever.

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    Hi, we're looking for active players. Our hood is very helpful Could you please share more information about yourself? It would be nice to know what level are you on? What else are you hoping to find in your new neighbourhood? Do you only do 320pt tasks? Thanks.
    Lvl 147, town 42 #ULU2U8Y

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    Hi we are needing more info,yr level derby status etc,cheers Robyn Leader from The Active Help

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    Hi! I started an active neighborhood! We are only at 2 members at the moment, but I’m a level 54. If you know anyone whose interested feel free to tell them! Thanks! My username is: Mysteryclue 45. Our neighborhood is called: Sunny Meadows (our icon is a teal square with a pink fox). Tag: PVQVQGUU

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