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Thread: New machines

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    New machines

    Hello again. It seems that my ideas have no answer. But I don't give up. Here I send ideas for .new machines that have not been out for a long time

    Perfume machine
    I could make perfumes with indigo
    With peonies
    With lemon
    With roses (new crop)

    Soap machine
    With wax and oil

    Omelette machine
    Spanish omelette. Egg and potatoes
    Cheese omelette. Egg and cheese
    Bacon omelette. Egg and bacon
    Egg and fish omelette
    Egg and mushroom omelette

    To use the wood you cut from the trees
    And make chairs. Tables. Wardrove. Beds...

    Hardware store
    To create spikes. Pallas. Nails. bolts. Hammers. And other expansion objects

    Watch machine
    To create watches with metal and wood
    Wall Clock
    Cuckoo clock
    Pendulum clock.

    Souvenir machines
    It could be a detail for the users of the world that you could create a famous building from countries with metals from the mine
    Big ben
    Eiffel Tower
    Rome Coliseum
    sacred Family
    Christ of Brazil
    Statue of Liberty
    Brandenburg Gate
    Chinese wall
    Taj Mahal
    Egyptian pyramid
    Sydney Opera House...
    Little Mermaid of Copenhagen
    And many more

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    like omelette machine - good use for eggs

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    agreed omelette machine would be fun

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    Agree. So nice ideas!

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