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Thread: Farm House Achievements

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    Farm House Achievements

    I am just 1 bingo line away from unlocking all my achievements. Has anyone out there completed all their achievements, if so are there any rewards or changes to your farm house?

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    I have completed all achievements...I don’t recall anything special happening.

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    The achievement awards are given as you earn them, in the form of diamonds, trophies, and the changes in the gate/patio area near the birdhouse.

    I donít think there were any changes to the the farmhouse itself.

    Congrats on getting so far on the achievements! 🎉🎉
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    🐝 kind. 🤗

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    Thanks for the insights - I was hoping for a golden house or something special.

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    I earned my last achievement last derby bingo. Nothing special, other than i finally have them all (did not play bingo when it was first released). Self satisfaction is greatest reward. Good luck in finally achieving your goal

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    We were happy enough to get 10 diamonds from the Bingo Bonanza III Achievement (for 20 Bingo lines). Other achievements were alread completed.

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    Hope we will get new achievements with the next update

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