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Thread: Impossible bingo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flashpoint View Post
    Our bingo was impossible unless we accepted lower point tasks to complete it. In champs league with a hood fighting to stay out of relegation we chose to go for the points and stay in champs vice completing a bingo and getting demoted.
    I see yeah every hood has their own decision to make about placing top 3 or doing bingo lines. Its definitely hard when you have to pick only one.
    We chose completing bingo lines for the following reasons:
    1. Bingo is a derby that's very rare to happen so we are taking opportunity to complete the achievement unless all of us are done with it.
    2. We're not that worried getting demoted since its easy for us to get back in champs league if we are to play the next derby, which will most likely be a normal derby.
    Even though we didn't place top 3 this week, we're satisfied placing 5th & not get demoted. But we strive to get all horseshoe rewards, which we did! We got 12 lines as a reward this week, which imo is great. Personally, i have 2x permits, 2xpuzzle pcs., 2x 4-5 star booster to claim and don't need reshuffling coz' they are all on different lanes.

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    Have trashed a lot of tasks, but at the end, the lettuce task didn't appear at all so in stead of 2 lines, only one line was possible with the neighbourhood that I'm currently in. A bit disappointed.

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    I noticed that on the bingo boards that meonhoc and wussypuss posted, there were tasks done that didn’t ultimately contribute to a bingo line. As wussy said, the smoothies beat out the sunflowers. 11 completed tasks on wussy’s board didn’t fall on a bingo line.

    The best thing that ever happened to the bingo derby was eliminating the requirement that all bingo lines had to be completed simultaneously. Thanks to that change, we don’t even strategize about which lines to complete until we see how the early days evolve. We don’t care about trophies, so 320-point bingo tasks aren’t a must. With 4 farms opted in we can afford to fill blocks that may not pay off. Like wussy’s smoothie/sunflower race, we wound up with a couple of different possibilities for the third bingo that made it easier to have options after trashing. We leave low-point bingo tasks on the board until a higher-point one shows up. If someone wants, they can do the low-point task. We got all our bingos on Friday. (I shuffled rewards and got 2 bingo permits.) However, because of the low-point bingo tasks, I needed to do a 10th task to get the last horseshoe. We placed 5th. Not bad, and not stressful!
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