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Thread: Sad Day

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    Sad Day

    With a heavy heart I would like to share a bombshell that was dropped on the drunkard family. Mac (#2YJCGG22) suffered a pulmonary embolism yesterday and is heavily sedated in critical but stable condition. In my time playing Clash of Clans I have met a lot of good people, NONE better than Mac. He is a true gentleman. Generous, kind, and genuinely puts the good of others in front of himself. I would like to ask you to join me in honoring his 7 years of playing by putting " For Mac" in your Clan Description. Clash On.

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    With all due respect ,I don't think Video-Game forums are the best place to post something like this .

    But since "someone" might have a problem with this behaviour of mine ,I hope your buddy gets well soon.

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    Sad to hear and i hope he will get well soon.

    I will not add such things into the clan description as there is the risk that you are trolling and want to see how many believe in you.

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    No wonder there are so many Archers, the Queen spends most of her time on her back.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery Mac

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    May your God protect and watch over you Mac..
    Hoping for a positive outcome.
    PS.. Am hoping your user name is out of respect for a comrade.

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    OP, I wish a speedy recovery for your clanmate.

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    Wish Mac good luck in his recovery. Hospitals are a great spot to work on your clash village!

    One of my own clanmates basically lives in the hospital due to an ankle injury and severe epilepsy, I to some extent feel what you’re going through.

    Thanks so much to TerMinus Prime for the sig pic!
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