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Thread: CWL API war tag help

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    CWL API war tag help

    when the /clans/{clanTag}/currentwar/leaguegroup

    will be active?
    its tell me
    "reason": "notFound"
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    It's only active during a CWL season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matan12128 View Post
    when the /clans/{clanTag}/currentwar/leaguegroup

    will be active?
    its tell me
    "reason": "notFound"
    Once your clan starts a regular war you no longer have access to the 'leaguegroup' API /clans/{clanTag}/currentwar/leaguegroup for some reason.

    There is a way forward next time you CWL:

    That API youre using takes your 'clan tag' and returns you a file or data that contains the 'war tags' (near the end of the file/data). Those tags look something like #2QRLGGCJU Each war day of the CWL has it's own war tag. You also, unfortunately, get the tags for the other wars going on that day that your clan is NOT in. So you have to figure out which tag is for you. The tags are in groups of 4. The tags are good at least until the next CWL and maybe for awhile after but you have to write them down or save them somewhere.

    Once you figure out the 7 tags, one for each war day, you use this API; /clanwarleagues/wars/{warTag}

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