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Thread: No scrolls in bingo line prizes

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    No scrolls in bingo line prizes

    Ok im used to not getting scrolls as my horseshoe prizes but i expected more in my bingo line prizes!! Not one after all that looks like its a diamond grab even with bingo now which used to basically ensure scrolls...i think im done with derby as im not willing to use 5 more diamonds to shuffle my prizes... i used diamonds to help with derby but now theres no payoff whatsoever 😡

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    The scroll issue is starting to get very annoying. It feels like I'll never get those spots open. I seem to have gotten enough puzzle pieces for both new zebras very quickly, but scrolls are nowhere to be found.

    I do seem to have two scrolls in my horseshoes this week, but I don't think I had any last week.
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    I seem to recall getting 2 permits/scrolls in my Bingo rewards last time so I stuck to going for 3 Bingo lines at the loss of getting the Gold trophy. Alas! This week my three Bingo reward columns do not show a single permit/scroll. In fact, none of the horseshoe rewards include a permit/scroll.

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    I found one in a treasure chest yesterday in a friends yard! I couldnít believe my eyes.... so I checked my inventory and itís there. Maybe they are listening and putting them back into the treasure chest again. Has anyone else found any?

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    I have found permit in HUGE chest a few times since last year. Rare, but only in huge treasury chest.

    Bingo line has 1, too. The prizes seem random.
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    My third bingo line rewards give me a funny choice between a scroll, a puzzle piece and a free 13 hours Tom.
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