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Thread: War search takes up to 14 hrs!?

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    War search takes up to 14 hrs!?

    Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
    Ever since last CWL I am trying to run regular wars.
    War search has been pretty long over the last week.
    Yesterday i tried to search 3 times, taking up to 3- 4 hrs.
    I decided to leave the search, but this morning there was still no match up!!
    It's almost 15 hrs now.
    Th 3-6, no rushed or engineered bases.
    10VS 10. 2xth6, 2x 5, rest th4.
    This shouldn't be too big a deal right?
    What can I do?

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    CWL has not ended fully for many clans yet. That means lesser clans are spinning for war now. So it's difficult to find match.But most importantly your lineup is not a common one. I don't think there are many clans out there with th4 and th5 looking for 10v10 war.

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