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    Dropping trophies in the BB is finally easy. Yes !

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    Fantastic changes to BB

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    These changes are all fine and good, but until you guys get rid of the loot cap, the builder base will always be the red headed step child of the clash family.

    These changes aren’t going to change how I, or I’d imagine millions of other players, are playing the builder base. What’s the point of having instantly ready armies when you can only attack for loot 3 times, and the clock tower boost was usually more than enough?

    Instead of some empty gesture like this that’ll probably only affect a small minority of players, why not raise the loot cap to 5 attacks for all players, or none at all, or reassess the ridiculous upgrade costs. Why not introduce a spell or two, how about fixing the troop A.I...especially the battle machine, I could go on but I’m boring myself...

    This idea sounds good, heck, this idea sounds great...(instantly ready armies, who wouldn’t want that?!)....until you stop to think about it for a second, then it’s like ‘meh, whatever, still the same old boring not fun builder base mechanics’.
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    why not in village base too, its really take long time for not paid user to give donation to other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toofinedog View Post
    I'm wondering if the Clock Tower Potion will be reworked.
    Per the in-game announcement, the Clock Tower Potion will remain at a 30-minute duration.

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    This is awesome changes - i am working hard on my OTTO tasks this will be majorly helpful THANKS SC and Thanks Darian

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    Very nice improvement 👏👏. Definitely ease things. And bye bye sneaky archers 😂

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    Tiebreakers - will be a total game changer people like me stay at bh 2to finish cg tasks immediately and this will just ruined the fun of cg

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    I LOVE the tie breaker change! But why the huge nerf to clock towers? They no longer have any relevance for attacking, and then to compensate they also have 10% less duration when it comes to speeding up buildings?

    Is this 10% nerf actually intended? The original post makes it sound like they were buffed when it comes to speeding up buildings, but the opposite is actually true. Currently it's easy to get 3 clock tower boosts per day (33 min total), and soon it will be 1 boost per day at 30 minutes. Please just leave it at 11 min per 7 hours, or bump it up from 30 minutes to 35 or something!

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    No training time is best thing. You guys are really trying to save Builder base from dying, aren't you?

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