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    Too much elixir!

    What should I do with all my Elixir that I will be getting at the end of the season bank? I have 3 million elixir in my storage itself, PLUS 2 more elixir runes PLUS 20 MORE MILLION ELIXIR in my season bank! What should I do with all my elixir? I am getting close to maxing town hall 8, but I don't want to upgrade my town hall just yet. Still got a few defenses to upgrade. So, what should I do with all my elixir? Thanks!

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    I would personally skip past TH 8 directly to TH 9 after maxing your crucial TH 8 farming offense for this very reason. Not only is dark elixir A LOT easier to find to upgrade your King, you can start on the long road to upgrading your Queen. You will also be able to avoid this problem of having elixir that you can do nothing with because TH 9 has walls that can be upgradeable through elixir and you can dump your excess elixir there. Don't get too hung up on maxing because it is not the most efficient way to play the game, but more for enjoyment purposes.

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    At some point, you have to move on to the next Town Hall level.

    Personally, I maxed TH8 and TH9, but it was another time. We didn't get a huge influx of resources every month. We didn't get magical books and runes.

    Don't get stuck on the lower TH levels, just move up and spend the resources you can.

    Remember getting all the possible resources from the Builder Base every day, because eventually, at the beginning of TH10, you will be happy about a 6th builder.

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    Town Hall 8 always has more elixir than it can use towards the end. Later town halls don't have that issue much because they can use it on walls, but when SC tried allowing that for TH8 walls, it broke the game economy and was reverted quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Affront View Post
    Remember getting all the possible resources from the Builder Base every day, because eventually, at the beginning of TH10, you will be happy about a 6th builder.

    i agree with this, and if you dont care too much about maxxing builder base the requirements for the second builder (at BH 9) is:
    all gear ups (lvl 4 double cannon, lvl 6 AT, lvl 8 multi mortar), lvl 9 mega tesla, lvl 30 battle machine and lvl 18 cannon carts. itd be a shame to get to bh 9 excited about a new builder only to be disappointed you have an extra week of farming from neglecting multimortar or cannon carts.
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    Train dragons, hit anything with easy access to DE or Gold.

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    On one of my accounts once troops and spells I used were max for each Townhall including barracks, spell factory, camps, CC I went ahead and moved up Townhalls up to th10 to get miners. Miners are OP for farming DE for hero's and loot so much easier to get for all other upgrades and walls. My opinion rushing smartly to th10 and catching up some there is best method. Plus get fun toys like siege machines. Key is just having offense leveled (minus heros)each Townhall before moving up to next.

    Maxing each Townhall before moving to next is slowest way to level in the game. But goal of game is to have fun so whatever works for ya.

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    If you're nearly done with all TH8, or even you didn't. you could still go for TH 9, it isn't a big leap anyway

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    Even before the introduction of Gold Pass there used to be an overflow of elixir in Th8. Good luck tryna using them😂🤣

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    A new player can get to TH9 with max walls and max queen. That's how fast progression is. If you have max walls and heroes but overflowing on resources... all those books will go to waste.

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