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    Looking to join a neighborhood

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    Hi Liz,
    We are looking for casually active members, and of course you are very welcomed too if you are mostly active. I usually trash some difficult tasks or tasks that take long time to complete like wools, combination of different missions in 1 task, fully serve how many same town visitor task and etc, leave only those easy tasks with medium and high points .

    Feel free to join us if below rules fit you! Don't worry, our rules are very fair to everyone!
    Our neighborhood name is in mandarin because we "inherited" from a Taiwanese player who is no longer active, but fear not, we can communicate in English so everybody is welcomed to join no matter which nation you are!
    Level required to join: 35
    Gold medal:15, silver medal: 20, copper medal:10
    Pls find us using below tag.

    -be at least occasionally active to participate derby
    -Complete at least half of available tasks
    -when you know you are not going to take part in the next derby due to your personally life or etc, pls opt out before new derby start.
    -It is ok if you missed out one derby without doing anything or pre-notification, but I will manually opt you out from next derby since no notification from you that you will do the next one.
    -If you are inactive for 1 month and no notification about anything, I will have to say sorry and make you leave peacefully to make space for other active player.
    -You can chat, joke, trade or request for anything but pls remain respectful to all members to avoid any unnecessary drama [real life drama is more than enough, let's be mature and have a peaceful game ]

    Sounds fair? Join us using below tag:
    Neighborhood Name:春光无限

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