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Thread: Make quick donation system as free of cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by OzAudi View Post
    You are taking on too much unnecessary responsibility. Stop donating for other people's multiplayer raids and tell your clan why. Tell the clan they need to accept troops that are available and not to expect you to donate. By all means donate the highest troops for defence snd again, tell them that will happen. Monitor donated/recieved levels and start weed out the leeches. No matter how good they are in war ! Players that don't help you and the clan are not worth keeping.

    Anticipate your donation needs on battle day and train ahead of time. Again, explain to the clan and expect them to help you by not requesting at the last minute and even warning you what they need. This works no matter how many top level donators are in the clan.

    Encourage all other high level players to prioritise the troops most commonly requests. It helps if several people can donate different troops at the highest levels too.

    Tell your clan exactly why you are going down this path.

    Your clan will improve of you guide your clan to assist you and each other. A clan leader can NOT do everything. True leaders aren't martyrs.
    Whenever I leave my clan I will also leave donation so don't worry I will not play this in my lifetime.I Just asked for something if it's not coming that is okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toofinedog View Post
    Running a clan takes more than just one Village, Chief. In one of your earlier threads, you mentioned your clan is top 4 or 5 in your country and is full of 90% maxed bases. What is everyone else doing?
    They are also help but you know if this not your clan you will not give 100% contribution for other player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaymzWWW66 View Post
    As not a leader, I take offense that you say only the clan leader does hard work. I fill all the war CC's every CWL. I also donate some 12000 troops every season, attempt to recruit people as often as I can, fill out the clan games on two accounts, have an outside means on contacting our other members to discuss clan/war topics, and have a second account that I am trying to buff up to help out the clan more. So what about me? If I do all that and am not a leader, does my input not count? Maybe I should get something too. Maybe we all should.

    Or, we could not get anything special because we are supposed to work as a team, and it is reward enough to know that you helped people who help you and who are striving for the same goal as you.
    That's true some co leader also like a leader but all responsibility goes to a leader not elder and co leader

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    It sounds like you have a clan full of bludgers with no loyalty. Time to decide if you can live with that fact and this thread suggests it's wearing thin.

    SC doesn't have tell us squat, although I know many other think we should receive regular boardroom briefings. They certainly don't need to tell players they have no plans to make quick donations gem free, after all it's pretty obvious by giving you free gems, charging gems for anything that boosts timers, running one gem events and gold pass perks that "gems for time" is here to stay.

    SC is a business. If they wanted to give away stuff for free, they would. And they do but it's just not what you want.

    Yout issue isn't free quick donations, it's your clan's culture. SC can't fix that, only you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibadulislamifty View Post
    In a clan leader struggling hard for his clan day and night, around 50 member only leader do hard working for his clan so one important thing is donation someone can but doesn't give somehow,so a clan leader make 2/3 id for only donation purpose cause all troops immediately need ready for donation. My question is that did you ever think about the clan leader?Who lead your game? What they want ? In war also need to donate 30/40 cc troops but you still didn't include the record of donation and xp,another thing is there any chance bring quick donation system free for all of us ?
    If you choose to take all the responsibility then you must ready for the impact. If your the only donator, of course it's going to feels terrible af. I never face a problem like this because there's around 10 active donator on my clan, i only donate if i want.

    If none of yours member wants to help in donation, i would recommend to replace some of them that have the least contribution. Especially when your clan already at 50/50

    A clan is supposed to help each other, if not they're just a bunch of people who takes advantage by getting free donations

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