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    Reward for completion of all season challenges

    Similar to clan games, an extra reward can be given to those players who have completed all the season challenges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alshaiin View Post
    Similar to clan games, an extra reward can be given to those players who have completed all the season challenges.
    Personally, I don't see the need for it. Because Clan Games is a group effort and everyone shares in rewards regardless of their performance, Supercell felt players might need some extra incentive to earn the most points. However, the season pass is a solo effort and there are incentives for advancing all along the whole road. What would be gained from adding even more incentives - other than just giving players more free stuff?
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    I would foresee a host of complaints, especially from some Gold Pass buyers, and even some Silver Pass players crying "foul".

    Not all challanges can be completed by all players, no matter how hard they try. For example, I have been in the postion that both bases were maxed. The challange "Upgrade x stuctures" or "Upgrade x walls" were impossible to complete. There are so many varying situations, what TH level a player is, if in Legends or not, if maxed or not.

    You noted the way "Clan Game" rewards are structured. Well, they both are identical today! In clan games you do not do every challange offered. Rather, a player selects which challanges to accept, and which to ignore. Once they hit a max (typically at 4k points) that is it, no more. And yes upon reaching that reward ceiling, they get an extra reward, available only to those whom reach it.

    The Pass is the same! Both Gold and Silver always have a reward once the reward ceiling is reached, obtainable to only those that reached that threashold.

    So then why would I foresee an outcry then? Consumer psychology! Once money is involved, many expect the same service at the same price, else many get upset, cry "unfair". In the States there is a current commercial airing reflecting that. People checking in at a hotel, all getting the same service but at different prices. If many people pay more, or receive less, they tend to be upset. So if an extra reward is offered, better dang well make sure that all can complete every last challange so they do not feel "shafted".
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