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Thread: Recruiting competitive members for Wars & Clan Games.

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    Cool Recruiting competitive members for Wars & Clan Games.

    Welcome, we are 219 the Hempire!(#LVCY9VJ)

    My name is Zuoosh(#Y0JLLV80) and the leader of our clan,
    Our core has been reformed after a 3 to 4 year break. We are looking to add a few more competitive members to the clan. Our main focus is War & War League. Also, we do expect eligible members to participate in Clan Games. We are currently a Level 9 Clan, and expect to be level 10 shortly!

    We are targeting members currently Townhall 8,9,10,11,12;
    -Ideally our clan is searching for 1 or 2 more members of Townhall 11&12. These townhalls will take priority when under consideration.
    -We still have spots reserved for lower townhall members, however, these spots are limited.

    How to Apply:
    -Send myself a private message with your ID# and Townhall Level
    -Apply by messaging myself in Discord(Zuoosh#4353) with your ID# and Townhall Level
    -Apply in game & mention the forum (However, we cannot ensure your security as we may be looking for other Townhall members)

    Feel to message myself with any other questions you may have!

    A few general rules & expectations we ask of our members:

    1) All members must be active & download the Discord App on there mobile
    2) Keep Clan War Preference up to date
    3) Classic Clan Wars:
    - Members are expected to strategically use attacks towards stars
    - Must have Clan Castle Troops when attacking (Spells & Sieges included)
    - All Heroes are active when attacking
    - Be Reliable
    4) Clan Games:
    - All able members are expected to obtain at least 1000points
    - Our goal is always to reach Tier VI Rewards
    5) Clan War League:
    - It's a privilege to partake in attacks and our roster is
    reserved for elite members
    - Selected members are required to attack in every
    war, no exceptions
    - All Heroes are active throughout event & you are
    always requesting for clan castle troops
    - A layout will be posted of whom to attack & we
    expect everyone to attack there assigned number
    unless discussed
    - With only 1 attack being allowed per war, we expect
    members to communicate

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    Th8 here and Id love to join. My ID is #Y9JPJ0LR0

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    Glad to have you!

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    Bumping the Forum!

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    Bumping the Forum!

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