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Thread: Ability to part fill boat crates whilst waiting for help

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    Ability to part fill boat crates whilst waiting for help

    Sometimes a boat crate requires 11 of something easy to make such as bread or cream. I assume that most people do not keep stock of large numbers of those items. Whilst they are easy to make, the time commitment can be difficult to juggle around real life.

    It would be lovely if we could drop items into the crate as we produce them so that when someone comes to help, they are not presented with a requirement of 11 but, as an example, 7/11 or 3/11. This will show that the boat "owner" is doing their best to fill the crate but will appreciate any help given.

    If reward is an issue, I would definitely support the reward for the crate going to the helper, even if the contribution was a smaller number than I made. I would be just glad to fill the crate!

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    Think they deliberately designed the boat this way to differentiate it from the truck orders. "Small collection of many items" vs "large shipments of few items".

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    I think it is a good idea. Those horrid boat orders that show up requiring a massive amount of cream, sugar, bread, etc would be less irritating. Mostly no one wants to bomb off a load of their inventory into such order, but it be fun to be able to contribute a portion and get a percentage of XP from it.

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    ... and it's also ruled out for the time being.

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