Firebears recruiting mature applicants! We are on groupme chat app! 14515 trophies
Hey guys and gals were recruiting members. A lot of us just joined from another social game. We use a social communication app called groupme. We want to become a force to recon with. We have a cool leader named Epicdude. We require 1000 trophies as well a minimum of level 4 walls for now. There are some below that joined from our previous game and will be above that shortly.

You must be active and ready to donate a minimum of 250 per season. We are in the building stage for elder promotions.

You must apply with a screenshot of your village. As well it's preferable you apply on groupme chat. We're looking for mature applicants with a sense of humor.

Look ok for the red and yellow shield!

groupme link:

You're invited to my new group 'CoC TKT Firebears recruit' on GroupMe. Click here to join: