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Thread: JOIN new Neighbourhood!

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    CREATE new Neighbourhood!

    I want my own neighbourhood. I hate lots of rules that require me to talk even if I don't feel like chatting, or not allowing members to use the "request" feature unless it's for a derby, etc.

    I want a neighborhood where people help one another, want to win the derby (320 & 400 tasks only, fast paced, willing to spend the diamonds for extra task), etc. Who don't mind sharing with one another. If you are in a ♥♥♥♥ mood and don't feel like chatting, that's all cool.

    I want one where people are kind and respectful.

    Sound good?

    Well... lets start our own neighbourhood! If there are four of us, we can all be Co-leaders.
    REspond to this message, and we can decide on our Name and symbol!
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