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    Lightbulb Lots of ideas


    One more section in the valley shop besides the boosters, diamonds , and new deco which is a random older deco that you cant get anymore like the leaves and rake autumn deco 🍁🍂 gnome house etc.


    Be able to place pets in town


    Tool shed. Not working just as decoration. It would match the barn but with the door open so you can see the tools and maybe a ladder hanging on the wall.
    A fishing rod with an old boot hanging of the hook.
    some muschrooms and fallen leaves to place around the farm in different colours.
    A broom deco.
    Old milk cans with flowers in them.
    Signs stuck in ground with pictures of produce on them like a carrot and a pumpkin. One sign for each produce to decorate your fields.
    Barrel with filled with water and floating roses.

    A new pet

    squirrel. They would live in a tree like the bees but it would be a large, crooked old oak.

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    These are some good ideas! I especially like the Valley old decoration option. I would always open up my piggy and plan better if I could get more unique decorations. I also like your decoration suggestions, although something similar to the milk can idea already exists. We have silver buckets with yellow and purple flowers in them. I’m not sure if they are unlocked for you yet.

    As far as the pets go, I personally wouldn’t put my pets in the town, just because I don’t go there as often and I can’t see them. And for the squirrels, maybe just have them as “background”, like the foxes and frogs.

    Also, welcome to the forums!

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    Great ideas!
    I especially like the older decor idea... I would love to be able to get the camping and Christmas decor.

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    I don't know about the squirrel, but I would love to have an oak tree as a decoration!

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