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Thread: "Hollow Grove" Tag #LU8LCR8G / Looking for new players, level 65+

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    "Hollow Grove" Tag #LU8LCR8G / Looking for new players, level 60+

    Hey there!😀
    We are a new team of well-established, champions league farmers who started over. We are competitive players looking for new members. We play for wins and to have fun! Everyone is super friendly and helpful. We are well organized and drama-free. Currently, we have several spots open and are willing to merge other smaller, like-minded neighbourhoods.

    ⏺We have a few rules:

    ▶️You must do all 320+ tasks every week, plus the extra task (if needed).

    ▶️You can opt out of the derby if you're unable to compete.

    ▶️We ask that you please speak English (though we have members from around the world.) Please be polite as well.

    ▶️Please read and participate in the chat, and follow a few simple rules so that we can all expect consistent results and win lots golden trophies!

    Come join us! 🤗🐮🐷🐰🐑🐐🐔
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    Bump the thread

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    Bump bump bump

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    Come and join us

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    Bump my thread

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    Competitive neighbourhood! Come join us

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    Join us before the next derby starts!

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    Join today before the next derby!

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    Still time to join!

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