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Thread: What are your long term Hay Day goals

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    What are your long term Hay Day goals

    And how close are you to achieving them?

    For me (Lvl 158):

    $100MM Gold: At $43MM now.
    $100MM XP: At 83MM now.

    What y'all got?
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    Unlock all the land.... Catch all the fish (never going to happen)

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    Not in Kansas anymore.
    6 x 15000 barns. Only at total barn space 17000.

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    1 gold weight Grass Carp to complete my fish book
    Open all the land
    Cannon from the lake to go with the ship wheel and anchor

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    The Netherlands
    180 fields.
    The field design on my farm consists of 12 rectangles with room for 15 (3 x 5) fields. 180 fields = level 203. Still 83 levels to go!

    Hay Day farmer since June 23, 2016.
    Level 128, town level 37. Barn 4800, silo 4700.
    Achievements 142/150.
    Farm name: HELA.

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    My personal goal is to help others.

    I did recently become interested in finishing my fishing book tho (in fish, not all weights-that will probably be next).

    Thank you Legend for the Sig!
    A song of hope-

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    first one is 150 level with 50 town level ... still working on it ...
    then 100 million box ... and then more and more ;-)
    and yes, fishing until i have all fishes ... open all lands and when they put new sanctuary animals get the pp for it ...

    level up just to see where i'm going to go without stopping the game ;-) ... always fun to me, so it won't happen soon ;-) ...
    Farm 146 ... Town 47 My goal is to have my level 150 with my town at 50 ... yeah crazy

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    Like many I'd just like to open all of my land. But at the current drop rate for scrolls it will take me over 2 years. How disincentivising is that.

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    Athens, Greece
    For me its lvl 200 (at lvl 131 now) and to open all land.
    Level 130 Greece
    Farm tag: # 8YJRGQQYJ

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    My goals:

    One goal I had that I've achieved is to buy every decoration that Maggie offers. I would hire Tom to fetch jewelry to send out on trucks to get the vouchers needed for the decorations.

    One goal that I considered and scrapped is to get every fish at every weight. I know that it's possible because people have done it, but I can't find info on where to catch certain fish.

    One goal I've always had is to keep my entire farm unlocked. For a while I've been able to do this while completing other goals such as completely upgrading every building in town and mastering all of my machines. This is effectively not possible anymore while also being fun because the scroll drop rate is too low to be fun. It might work to keep the game balanced, but it's not fun anymore and the point of a game is to be fun.

    My thought has been to just have fun serving townies after completing my other goals (upgrading town buildings and mastering all machines) while quickly unlocking any new land as it is added. I can't do this because of the scrolls mentioned earlier.

    The valley: I would like to ignore this, but I can't for two reasons. I can get scrolls there and there are decorations in the Valley exclusive section that I can't get anywhere else, not even for diamonds. In my opinion the valley would be quite fun, if it were a different game entirely. Having it a part of Hay Day make me feel like I'm forced to play it.

    As a result, I've been getting bored with Hay Day because of the frustration I have from the previously mentioned things, so my one and only goal now is to continue playing while I use the diamonds that I previously bought so that it feels like I got my money's worth out of them then quit playing Hay Day permanently, not just for a few months like last time I quit.

    Level 148, Town level 40, 144/144 Achievements
    Purchased last of all available house, truck and stand options from Maggie: November 18, 2019
    144th Achievement: December 18, 2019

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