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Thread: How to use Superpekka

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    How to use Superpekka

    Mostly i use dropminions but got my superpekkas max for flexibility in attacks but i don't know how to use them . Please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veznan View Post
    Mostly i use dropminions but got my superpekkas max for flexibility in attacks but i don't know how to use them . Please help
    Hit the attack videos in the stickied message. SP+Hogs and SP+CCs are popular.
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    I usually build a funnel first with 1 camp each of barb and bomber. Then drop Pekkas.

    I think there are more powerful strats like using hog gliders along with the Pekkas though.

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    I use them as a tank, alongside the Battle Machine. I open gaps with the Bombers, then send Super PEKKAs and Battle Machine and then drop the Cannon Carts from behind. After all these die, I drop Baby Dragons for clean up.

    And also NEVER use the outlaw All Super PEKKA army.

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    3 SP, 2 hogs, 1 barbs been doing alright by me. Barbs to trigger bombs and for cleanup, SP with BM to crack walls while hogs fly over and target cannons and crushers, save back a few barbs for final cleanup. Usually 70-100% depending on how well-timed the hogs ability was. Is it just me or should more things explode when they die in this game like these super pekkas do?

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    Depends on where you are

    Around 3300, they just dump and run

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    I use a lot of Super PEKKAs, across a range of levels.

    Best use depends on what you are facing.

    If the defender has weak walls, or gaps (like their trying to funnel your troops into traps), then all PEKKAs, places all at once, in a circle around the outside works great.

    If the defender has strong walls, then all PEKKAs will be too slow, and they bunch up. Use them in a mix, whether with giants and bombers, or a flying troop.

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    Thank you everyone for helping

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