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Thread: Town Train and visiting other farmer's towns

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    Town Train and visiting other farmer's towns

    I have a second farm that I cleared of visitors from the town. I actually sent townies on both of my farms. When I use my train to pick up visitors, it is not showing those farms as a choice to go to. This is happening on several farms in our neighborhood. Anyone else noticing that your train will not allow you to go to any other farms?? I have rebooted both farms and they are still not showing as farms that have visitors when I know one farm has 42 visitors available. This is going to hurt us in the derby as we can not get new farms to go pick up from.

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    this link explains a workaround when your hood mates townies are not showing up. It’s not perfect, but it will get you to the platforms to pick up.

    Also, please report this to support in-game from the farms you are having the problem with. It’s always best if they know there is an issue even if there is not much they can do at the moment.
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