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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakkhen View Post
    To me, it really depends on your defence level. If you are a new th 13 like me, staying in legend with th 12 defences, th 12 level heroes and at least one hero down is already “seriously tough”.

    If you have max heroes and good defence level I would say:
    above 5200 you are skilled
    above 5300 you are good
    above 5400 you are very good
    above 5600 you are an Elite
    Top 5000 you are amateur ESport level
    Top 200 you are in the pro ESport level
    NB: we probably need to remove Stephanie accounts when looking at Top players

    I like this breakdown & would agree for the most part
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    To whomever was asking there is usually a group of TH13s low in Legends below 5200 or 5300 that may have 1 or 2 heroes down. But the folks that might only attack 6 times a day end up there if they can stay in. Definitely harder to stay in Legends now if you miss too many attacks regularly, that said a few attacks in Titans 1 and you are usually back in Legends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jixson View Post
    I like this breakdown & would agree for the most part
    Id agree with that too. I normally get to 5300 in the first week and then the following 3 weeks trying to get to 5500 which i normally just about do.

    5300 you have to be good and hold your own, 5400 you need to be better than good and 5500 your breaking away from people skilled at the game.

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    The only time iv been in Legends I easily made over 5600 and I would class myself (being generous) lower average at absolute best, you have to be realistic your nothing special in this game until you can reach the really high 5’s or 6’s and above, another thing you have to consider with asking questions on this forum is normally a huge % of people who comment on this forum think they are pro players when really they are prob no better than you or myself, there are other factors to consider like how many stars you get in cwl and what level your tf competes at to determine how effective at attacking you really are, gl
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    It's really hard to gauge good, personally I think anyone who is in Legends to begin is probably competent, the number of players not able to get through titans is astounding. And yes, I am aware that having a MAXED TH13 makes climbing fairly easy, but it's really not all that easy to get a maxed TH13 to begin with.

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    There are two things required:

    • Marathon
    • Attack skill

    Marathon is required to get a high level th.13.
    Attack skill helps to progress in Legends.

    If you look at both combined, you are good as soon as you can stay in Legends as only around 1% of active players are in Legends.

    If you look at attack skill only, you have to compare yourself with other th. 13 players. About 450,000 accounts are in Legends. If you are at position 45,000, you belong to the best 10%.
    This is a rough guess, of course: Some th 13 players are not in Legends. Others have unavailable heroes, miss attacks, are not yet maxed, ...

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    If youíre not first youíre last. Only #1 matters...and even then itís league trophies so meh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tvsever View Post
    If you’re not first you’re last. Only #1 matters...and even then it’s league trophies so meh
    While I like the saying, I have to disagree here. I have zero chance at getting to #1, but for me it is fun to try to get as high as I can.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. Click here for how cc troops deploy ( it depends) and more here. How is war map placement of max halls determined?, see answer here. Thank you SC for the new legends! However, how to fight collusion here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    While I like the saying, I have to disagree here. I have zero chance at getting to #1, but for me it is fun to try to get as high as I can. sometimes I think you’re part machine/Sheldon cooper, always so literal hahaha, you know it’s just a silly movie quote?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke07 View Post
    I agree... but what is the standard for good? Like I could get in top 5700 I feel like if I were more consistent with my attacks. But I use 3/8 maybe 5/8 at a maximum for my daily attacks. I usually stay at 52-5300 and of those attacks 90% of them are +40 (3 stars). Does that mean im not a top player? Or does that make me less of a player, not using my attacks (maybe)?

    I am not trying to say im the best... just that there is a little variance between good. My personal opinion is that if youre able to reach top 200 you are within that threshold of good. But it doesnt qualify you better than other players. Just that you have more time to make the 8/8 attacks. (my subjective opinion)

    I think you are right in trying to limit the player and making a description in trying to qualify a good legend player
    If you get a 3 star on 90% of your attacks (use 3/8 maybe 5/8 and of those attacks 90% are +40 (3 stars), you are probably the best player in the world. Congratulations! You should do it competitively, any single team in the world would take you if you had a 90% 3-star rate.

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