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Thread: Can you let us disable Google Play's auto Sign-In?

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    Exclamation Can you let us disable Google Play's auto Sign-In?

    My issue is, I've had my farm attached/tied to my 'Play Games' account, but it doesn't exist anymore.
    Hence, every time I log in to the game, it says "Connecting Play Games" and when I choose the account it says it failed because my farm is already tied to another Play account.
    This message is super annoying to get when launching. I have to choose an account and get the 'failed' popup every time.
    Can you clear the tied play account to my farm? That why I could just save my farm on a new play account.
    Or, just change it so the game doesn't try auto connect to a play account once it starts. We have Supercell Id now, anyways.
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