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Thread: Fishing area- oysters for food and pearls

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    Fishing area- oysters for food and pearls

    It would be great if we could fish oysters in addition to lobsters, fish and duck feathers. Oyster dishes like pasta, salad etc can be added. They can also give us Pearls which can be sold as it is or used to make jewellery such as pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet at the jewellery station.

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    Love this idea!

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    Although not a bad idea, I personally wouldn't like it. Fishing area is already cluttered with limited spots (15 if you have unlocked all) to catch fish , lobster, and ducks. As well as we would need a new item to catch the oysters made in the net maker, which is always loaded with duck, lobster or fish traps. And what would be the wait time on the trap as well as the wait time for the fishing spot to open up after catching pearl? So for me, I pass on this one.

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