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Thread: My wish - Activity players

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    My wish - Activity players

    I wish to see how long a player was not in the game.
    Many player come never in the game,
    but not logout from the community.
    When i see that the player 6 month not played,
    than can i clear out the group.

    I think this is interesting to other players...

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    You can check the farm to see if the animals are fed; if the crops change; check their town for activity; and see if their mail has piled up beneath their mailbox (I don't know if that still happens but it used to after about 4 weeks of inactivity, if I remember correctly.).

    You can follow or friend them before kicking them out; then if they start playing again, they can find you.

    You can also try asking in chat for players to check in.

    6 months is very generous. Especially in light of how quickly absent leaders can lose their leadership of their neighborhood. I like your 6 month recommendation for a notification in-game. It could even come with options to keep or kick out the player. This could be used in absent leader neighborhoods as well.

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