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Thread: Looking For New Neighborhood

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    Looking For New Neighborhood

    Looking for a neighborhood that everyone gets along l, helpful, and I donít have to participate in derby.

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    Do you want a small hood or a large hood? Can you tell us your level ?

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    Hi. I have sent you a pm.

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    Hi, over at Boo Bees we are an adult only international hood. Currently we have 21 members.
    Derby is optional but if you decide to join Derby it's min 2700pts.
    We like to help where we can. Please and Thank you is a must.
    We do like to leave plant revives for people on help tasks.
    Pop over and say hi.

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    "Colbert Family Ranch" PRY9UPR9 A Helping Community

    I believe our new Neighborhood is a good match for you. (Anyone can Join) No Experience or Level Required. We've built a Donation and Derby community of individuals willing to help each other. Whether you're needing 5 screws and 25 cotton our group is designed to help people and build a community. You will not regret giving Colbert Family Ranch a Try. Join to get the help and resources you need to get to grow on Hay Day. Our rules are very simple, stay active and help others. Currently, our greatest goal to get a team of members.

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    Message me on facebook as my good is invite only.
    🌼Mrs B🐝

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    CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUE - Almost a Hood 23 members. Yes we all get along.

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