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Thread: Remaining upgrade time per town hall

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    Remaining upgrade time per town hall

    It would be nice if the game calculated how much time is left before all building upgrades are maxed for the specific TH. There could be a building calculation and a hero calculation. This simply calculates the total amount of time until all buildings are maxed. This would help with planning and help know the best time to start the TH upgrade, to make sure that all builders keep busy.

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    These numbers are extremely dynamic (it's a game of progression) and dependent of too many factors (think events, gold pass progress). While each is a simple calculation cumulatively it's a big task and for the most part it's simply unnecessary.

    A reordering or reclassification of available builds rather than cost could he useful.

    I have a few accounts at varying th and even though i use different upgrade priorities on each account, I still have a reasonable understanding of how far along each base has progressed. Often the visual appearance is enough.

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    Provide Estimated Build Time

    It's a great addition that, we are able to see, Building upgrade suggestions.
    And, we often think that, how much time is needed to complete all building upgradation to Max level in a given town hall.
    It would be a great utility, if we are able to see the above feature in the game.

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    As OzAudi said above, it is dependent on too many factors and impossible to calculate. If you want to know how long it'll take for you to complete the level, you can search for it on Clashwiki and do the math yourslef. (There was an excel spreadsheet developed by a fellow forumite which does the job, but you'll have to do the task of searching for it)

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    Rather than cramming a bunch of calculations that will almost guaranteed not be true, instead either use a calculator or your brain to figure out a more accurate time that follows how you play the game.

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