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    golems in the CC

    is there any way to counter their explosion? I keep getting screwed over by these golems blowing up and wiping out half my army

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    Cant understand there are still clans out there that are using golems as def cc.

    Lava or ice golems are waaayy better.

    But referring to OP....what army comp are u using?
    Golems explosion are not that can wiped out a squad of wizzies..sure...but other then that..its nothing.

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    I can't remember the last time I saw a standard golem in CC, though Ice golems are common.

    Either way, if they cause you problems, then you are attacking by ground. So you need to lure the CC, and get it to your queen+healers before dropping the main part of your army.

    That goes for most CC troops TBH. If your attack is ground based, then you need bto take out any airborne CC troops with heroes.
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    Haven't seen a golem in a cc in ages. I don't do war or legend league so most CC's I attack are empty. Even when they have troops they rarely make a difference to my attacks. And yes I stay in low leagues just because it's easy! Builders stay busy and less than 20 hero upgrades to go.

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    I don't think golem in war cc is the meta rn. At least not in the all TH13 competitive wars I do.
    Golem can cause problems for only low HP troops like Bolwer and witches.I assume you are using this army.
    Try not just spamming all the troops and maybe do QW and take care of CC first.

    Spam attacks are so unpredictible and no fun,you should try some more strategic armies like hogs,miners,lalo etc
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    It's not for war it's just regular attacks. I usually do miners with some hogs but my queen and king is down so I've basically been just praying nothing crazy out of the CC, handled everything so far but golems, if a golem comes out i better just quit the attack. Seems a little crazy that one troop can wipe out a whole army.

    Sure golem in the CC isn't common but this is like 6 attacks tonight thwarted by maxed out golems because their explosion does too much dmg.

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    Hmm.. you must be at the lower TH levels if this is a problem for you where your miners will get one hit KO despite you putting down a heal spell right before the golem explodes. I've been using a miner only, no hero farming army from TH10 to TH13 for the longest time now through the 1800-3200 trophy bracket and have very rarely encountered a golem CC. If I did, it was never an issue.

    I would suggest only attacking dead bases or loaded bases that often don't have a defensive CC. You get pretty good at judging which base probably doesn't have a defensive CC after awhile. Bring a poison for those rare cases where there are or try to lure out the CC first.

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    Cant remember the last time ive seen a golem in CC. Cant remember the last time someone even requested one for attacking tbh when I thought about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubah21212 View Post
    Sure golem in the CC isn't common but this is like 6 attacks tonight thwarted by maxed out golems because their explosion does too much dmg.
    So you are saying you encountered 6 bases having golem in cc within a short span of time? That's like rarest of the rare scenario. You can just get a troop like dragon or Pekka/Valks/wiz in your cc to deal with a golem, it's not that difficult. Just pull out cc with hogs or wall wrecker first before luring the cc troops to a corner for taking them out.

    Witches and Valkyries are far deadlier. Valkyries will shred through ground armies while witches can be difficult to lure out while skeletons start attacking your army.

    Or simply do a dragon based attack (normal or baby) to avoid all these problems until the Queen is available.

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    Try and lure the cc with your queen and healers. What trophy ranges are you attacking at? Golems in cc to me in legends are not common.

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